Therapearl Hot and Cold Wraps

Thera°Pearl Hot & Cold Wraps whether at home or while in a rehabilitation treatment session. Made with effective Pearl Technology® cooling and heating properties, each wrap holds its therapeutic temperature up to 20 minutes for truly quick pain relief. Inspired by a bag of frozen peas, the doctor behind Thera°Pearl’s innovative heating and cooling technology created an effective wrap that eases swollen joints and painful muscles without compromising level of activity. Each wrap is outfitted with a Velcro® strap to keep wrap in place during daily activities or even athletic performances. Thera°Pearl Hot and Cold Wraps will not drip or leak, allowing your patients to wear these wraps under clothes with confidence. Each reusable hot and cold wrap is hypoallergenic and easy to wipe down for cleanliness. For patients suffering from a myriad of acute and chronic pain conditions, including arthritis, work related tears and strains and even shin splints, Thera°Pearl Hot & Cold Wraps work with rehabilitation treatment by providing relief during and after a session. Choose from extremity-specific wraps made for the back, face, knee, shin, ankle and wrist or a sports square wrap.