Cramer Underwrap

Pre Taping with Underwrap is how today’s professional athletic trainers, physios, sports therapists and surgical professionals safeguard skin from adhesive tape burn that can tear and cause chafing of the skin. Underwrap is applied to the skin prior to adhesive strapping for added comfort and security. No more pulling off adhesive tape and taking the top layer of skin with it. Underwrap protects as well as securely holds bandages and cold packs in place without distracting discomfort or skin irritation. Originally intended for use with adhesive tape, it’s also great by itself. Use Underwrap as a supportive muscle and tendon strap or spontaneous hair tie. If you need a self-adhering, flexible, thin, lightweight, comfortable, latex-free solution for lining or holding something in place, turn to Underwrap because you know it can do the job.


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